Staffing Ability

Electric Bicycle Repairer

Job Description

We, MAXBIK New Energy Ltd. the famous e-bike company of Canada are seeking experienced e-bike repairer who has skills to repair and maintain e-bikes, support our sales and after sales.


· Contact the manufacturer to receive product training. Master product error codes and know how to detect, maintain and repair.
· Restore e-bikes and parts to safe condition.
· Assemble new e-bikes for sale or rental.
· Detect the condition of e-bikes before sale and e-bikes that have been returned.
· Repair all e-bikes that have problems, purchase e-bike parts corresponding to the model, and replace the problematic ones.
· Regularly check the battery status, and constantly update the best match between the controller and the battery.
· Train company employees and company’s agents.
· Complete assignments and projects to meet our high quality standards.

Skills needed to resolve the bellow problems:
1. The positive and negative poles of the electric bicycle’s power supply are reversed.
2. The components burn out due to water ingress and short circuit in the controller
3. Controller circuit board are damaged
4. Desoldering and virtual soldering of components on the circuit board
5. Deviation of positioning magnet
6. The gap between the carbon brushes is uneven
7. Short circuit between the positive and negative poles of the battery
8. Short circuit between turns
9. Short circuit of commutator segments
10. Motor noisy or abnormal sound (for example: the bearing gap in the motor of the electric bicycle is large; the magnet is loose; the motor body is deflected; the surface of the motor steering gear is oxidized, ablated, oily is uneven, the commutator is loose; the carbon brush is loose , The carbon brush holder is not correct)
11. Motor speed slow (clean or replace the photosensitive film to wipe the photosensitive tube; replace the speed control handle; replace the motor; replace the controller)
12. The power indicator does not light up while motor is running (no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial, or the wire or connector is broken; the luminous tube is damaged; the dial circuit board is faulty;
13. Voltage indicator on instrument panel is abnormal and the motor is running normally
14. Battery cannot be charged or is under charged (the fuse in the battery is in poor contact with the holder; the fuse in the battery is broken; the charger has no output, etc.)
15. Reasons and treatments for the motor to stop when it rotates
16. Power switch is malfunctioning
17. The problems of instrument panel indicator and motor failure

· High school graduate
· Workable English
· Experienced mechanic with minimum one year of experience working on e-bikes in a professional environment
· Extensive knowledge of e-bike technology(Controller programming), accessories, and parts (know what is compatible & what is not, etc.)
· Highly competent in e-bike repair, diagnosis, and maintenance
· Hard working, energetic
· Willing to work overtime
· Able to multi task

Salary: 30$ per hour
Work hours: 40 hours per week

Add: 104 A 15252 · 32nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 0R7

Those considered for an interview will be contacted. DO NOT call to see if we received your resume. We will answer every applicant after receiving your resume.