About Staffing Ability

Staffing Ability is created for persons with disabilities in Canada and is focused on assisting these job seekers who face hinderances in finding reasonable jobs due to disabilities.

Our Beliefs and Values

Persons with disabilities in Canada are energetic, smart and savvy. Sometimes they just need to be given the chance to display their skills. Staffing Ability can persons with disabilities in finding employment opportunities in Canada. But it doesn’t have to be with Staffing Ability providing seamless access to various employers across all aspects of business here in Canada.

There are a lot of talented persons with disabilities across Canada. We value the concept of opportunity which is what all persons with disabilities at the basic level ask for when looking for rewarding employment in Canada.

There are thousands of great employers in Canada who have provided and continue to provide quality employment to persons with disabilities across Canada.

Currently in Canada many persons with disabilities face challenges finding employment. This has a long-lasting negative affect on our society as various skills are underdeveloped and under utilized which can affect their ability to prosper and grow.